Bricks and mortar aren't the only things flying on this show. With language so blue they'd make sailors blush, the demolition experts from Shea Demo tear down buildings large and small. Led by boss Joe Shea, this team of bandits doesn't always take the easy way when leveling these historic buildings. They tackle only the toughest jobs out there and that's what makes tearing them down so much fun.

With over 500 tear-downs under their belts, Shea Demolition has build a reputation as the go-to guys for demolition on the east coast. But when the bricks hit the fan, the tempers flare. These guys are no shrinking violets. They're like a disfunctional family, this band of brothers, but each and every day they trust their lives as they take down buildings that tower over the skyline. Follow these colorful characters and the history of the buildings they're demolishing through the crazy, frentic route from research to rubble.