VIA Studios Global is your one-stop shop for the pinnacle of audio production. We've got all the tools you need and the experience necessary to see your project through to a satisfying completion. Whether you’re a small rock band looking to mix some home recordings or a large jazz ensemble looking to record your next album, VIA Studios Global will give you the best sounds possible.

Our engineers have years of experience in all facets of audio production. Our studio is equipped with cutting edge equipment including a 32 channel mixer with Pro Tools HD, world-class microphones, a Steinway grand piano and so much more. Our staff is trained in full integrated 5.1 mixing and post production. If you have archival recordings that you're looking to get restored, look no further than VIA Studios Global. We also master and manufacture audio CD's, along with preparing audio material for digital distribution. VIA Studios global audio production is the whole package – why go anywhere else?

  • Mackie x 200 digital recording console, fitted for 64 inputs/outputs. 32 analog, 32 digital
  • Wheatstone D-10 24 Channel Audio Console Stereo 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Full Surround-Sound monitoring system with JBL and Tanoy monitors
  • Pro Tools HD 3 version 7.4, with 32 digital inputs/outputs and assorted software plugins, running on MAC
  • Pro Tools Sync HD for video sync and master clock
  • Dell Windows-Based Editing Computer with Vegas Pro version 8, plus assorted audio tools
  • 24 tracks of ADAT with BRC controller
  • Tascam 48 track 8-track analog machine
  • Sony PCM R-500 & Panasonic DAT machines
  • Studer/Revox PR-99 reel-to-reel
  • Sony PCM 601/PCM F1 digital recording units

    Outboard Gear

  • Focusrite Platinum Twin Track Pro mic preamp unit
  • 2 original UREI LA-3A compressor limiters
  • Reverbs from Lexicon, Yamaha & ART
  • Roland & MRX delays

    Also Available

  • Restoration Services for analog recordings (including thermal recovery of reel-to-reel tapes and 78 rpm turntable)
  • Steinway Model B (7') Concert Grand Piano
  • Theater Stuido Featuring 5.1 sound system with components from JBL & Crown
  • 5 Neumann U-87 (original 1970's vintage)
  • 6 Shure SM-81
  • Shure SM-57, 58, Beta Mics
  • Electro-Voice RE-27
  • Audio Technica AT 3035
  • Vintage Mics including EV 666, RCA 77DX
  • Sony ECM 55 & 66 condensor lavalier mics
  • Audio Technica5000 Series UHF Wireless Mic System (4)
  • Headphone Monitoring System for performers