You have a good idea. VIA Studios Global can make it a great one. Come in with a script or storyboard - or ready to brainstorm. Our creative team will develop your concept into a production you'll be proud to stand behind. VIA Studios Global takes a hands-on approach to every project. Through every step of the production process, we apply the industry expertise that gives your project a truly professional look. Plus, our management staff maximizes your time and cost savings. Take your companies online image to a higher level by adding custom video content to engage customers.

When the show's on the road, VIA Studios Global comes prepared with all the right equipment and ancillary gear, plus a keen eye for creative interpretation. Our experience will give the right look, feel and personality to your production - indoors and out. Whatever the subject or desired effect, our professionals have the expertiese to make it happen. Special services, such as aerial photography, are also available to enhance your production.

  • Sony MVS-8000 Production Switcher 2.5 ME w/ 2 DME Channels
  • Compix Gen CG HD 4.6.2 v Character Generator
  • Final Cut Pro iMac edit suite for full 1080i HD
  • Sony HDC 1000 Studio Cameras (3)
  • Canon XL H1s HD Cameras (5)
  • Canon XL G1s HD Camera (1)
  • GoPro HD Hero2 camera and complete range of mounts.
  • Sony HDW-1800 HDCAM VTR (3)
  • Sony DVW-500 DigiBeta VTR (3)
  • Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mics (2)
  • Atamos External Digital Recorder (6)
  • Full RTS System including Wireless Belt Packs (4)
  • Telos (1) & Gentner (1) Telephone Interface
  • RTS IFB System
  • Listec Video A-6000win Teleprompter
  • Jibs and Dollies available upon request.